Sunday, 19 December 2010

How to install Windows 7

As we all know Windows XP is nearly every one's favourite, especially since Windows Vista is, in my opinion, a disaster. However, Microsoft have remedied this matter with Windows 7 (which in actual fact is Vista Service pack 3 !!) Windows 7 improves in every way on Vista, especially on the interface and the security. It will support  nearly all the software people have downloaded onto XP which is a big bonus.
Another good feature is the fact Windows 7 automatically plays on the T.V if you wi-fi enabled T.V or an X-box. What I think is the best feature is that the hardware of the operating system is becoming future proof where it is designed to work with upcoming hardware devices such as touch screen.
Here is an excellent video on how to install Windows 7 form you tube, which explains in detail how to finally kick the XP habit.

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