Monday, 13 December 2010

How to customise your display settings in Windows

This hint enables you personalise your Windows to how you want it. This is how you do it:

1. Right click anywhere on your desktop
2. Go down to properties
3. There will be five tabs - Themes, Desktop,Screensaver, Appearance and settings
THEMES- enables you to create your own personal theme
DESKTOP- Enables different backgrounds, the colour of the background and how the background will look.Also has customize desktop which gives you more choices of how it will look
SCREENSAVER- Enables you to put a screen save on your computer, either one you have downloaded or one of the preset ones. It also gives you some power options about how long the monitor etc is left on.
APPEARANCE- Basic controls to change how the desktop will look. Also has an affects tab to customise it a little further.
SETTINGS- This enables you to change the resolution and the quality of the colour. Be aware that you need to make sure your monitor can handle any changes you make otherwise your screen will go blank when you change it. Basically, you should increase the screen resolution until the screen looks sharp, however don't move it too far if your monitor cant handle it. The advanced tab gives more choices, however a lot of people leave this on default as that normally works just fine.

This gives you the basic overview of how to customise your desktop, if you need any specific questions answered please don't hesitate to comment and ask

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